Rolling Out AI in the Workplace


Learn how to successfully introduce AI in your workplace through early communication, clarity about goals, and inclusive team-building events, ensuring all team members are well-informed, heard, and part of the transformational journey towards safer operations.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology, and the word “AI” makes some of us imagine robot overlords and apocalyptic sci-fi movies. If you’re introducing AI into your workplace, it’s important to start the conversation with your team early in the process. As soon as you make a decision to deploy Voxel in your work environment, make sure everyone knows about it. The worst thing you can do is create a culture of secrecy around AI. If you want your team members to feel safe, you need to over-communicate about what the AI will do and how it will affect their jobs: Voxel is a tool to keep your environment safe and make sure everybody goes home healthy.

As a Safety Champion, you need to make sure everybody from the janitor to the general manager knows what Voxel is. One way to announce that a big change is taking place is with a team-building event on the first day of implementing Voxel. Have a big meeting where everyone talks about what they think AI could mean for the future—what they’ve heard, what they’re excited about, what they’re afraid of. Serve pizza and hotdogs (or whatever food your team likes) and have an open discussion about how best to handle this change. Make sure everyone feels part of the process. It will help you get buy-in and ensure that everyone has a chance to be heard.

Drawing on what people say in this meeting will give you ideas for how to handle specific situations as they come up throughout the first few weeks or months—you’ll get clues as to what people are uncomfortable with, and you can plan accordingly.

Major 🔑s to Success:

  • Get a head start: start the conversation about Voxel early.

  • Over-communicate: everybody from the janitor to the GM should know what Voxel is and what it’s used for.

  • Clarify your goals: Voxel is about getting everybody home safe.

  • Make a splash: kick off Voxel with a big team-building event where workers are encouraged to express their opinions.