Working toward a world with zero injuries

Protecting the people who power our world

Our Mission

Artificial intelligence and robotics are fundamentally changing how industries work. We're committed to creating new standards for safety and sustainability that protects workers from harm.

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Security cameras have unlocked potential...

to gather valuable data that was previously disconnected and difficult to analyze. We are creating real-time visibility and deep insight that protects workers and revolutionizes industrial operations.

We’ve assembled a world-class team to solve one of the most important issues of our time: keeping workers safe. Our team brings deep research expertise in artificial intelligence, industrial safety, and risk management. We are experienced builders from Google, Uber, Apple, Facebook, Verkada, and Samsara.

Our founding team



Tilia Gode

Head of Risk & Insurance at Waymo (the Google Self-Driving Car Project). Former Global Head of Analytics at AIG.

Aidan Madigan-Curtis

Partner, Eclipse Ventures. Former VP & GM at Samsara.

Monica Shokrai

Head of Actuarial, Analytics & Systems at Google, Alphabet Business Risk & Insurance.

Patrick Slade

Professor of Bioengineering at Harvard University. Former AI Resident at Google.

Bill Zachry

California State Compensation Insurance Fund. Former VP of Risk Management at Albertsons.