Working toward a world with zero injuries

Our Mission

To protect the people who power our world. Artificial intelligence and robotics are fundamentally changing industries and transforming our assumptions about how things work. We are committed to creating new standards for safety and sustainability that protect workers from harm.

"Why I Work at Voxel"

by Brian Benson, Operations Lead

Voxel is something special. In my line of work, there has never been a software application that is actually saving lives. At the heart of it, it's simple: we're just capturing one incident at a time. But that one incident where I went out there and coached my team, or I made a small change to our process—it might have just saved someone's life.

That's my motivation: for all our customers, we can actually see the reduction in injuries. The change happens quickly. The change is significant. The numbers don't lie. That tells me that we're doing the right thing. I see a huge reduction of "near-miss" and risky behaviors at our sites. And we're getting everybody back home from work in the same condition they came in to work.

In all my years working in factories and distribution centers, safety has always been reactive. We don't think about changing things until after somebody breaks an arm or has an even more catastrophic injury.  Now, for the first time, we can actually get out in front of it. The folks putting boxes on pallets, they deserve to get home safe to their family everyday and put food on the table without fearing for their health and safety.

In a dangerous workplace, attention to detail can be the difference between life and death. We're creating a platform that can simplify all the complexity of these chaotic facilities. We are taking all of that chaos and condensing it, simplifying it, into data that can't be misunderstood. It's so simple. When you look inside our app, there's nothing complicated about it, and that's why our customers love it. Thanks to Voxel, we know for sure that hundreds of thousands of people are getting home in one piece. And that gets me excited to keep building.