Voxel does not recognize faces and does not track individuals. Our data protocols are designed to protect employees' privacy and create a system of accountability for workplace safety.

Privacy is your right

We believe it is an employer's responsibility to create a safe work environment for its employees

  • Purposefully designed for education and oversight, instead of punishment and evaluation
  • No facial recognition or identification of individuals (facial anonymization upon request)
  • Only sees what your existing security camera system is already seeing
  • If no event is identified, captured footage is immediately discarded
  • All footage of flagged events are erased after 180 days (retention period can be adjusted per site)
  • We will never sell or share customer data in any form


  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • GDPR
  • Transparency in Coverage

Voxel complies with the California Consumer Privacy Act, a statute to protect consumers and enhance privacy rights. The CCPA prohibits collection of biological and biometric information which can be used to establish individual identity.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Commission regulation to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU). Voxel has analyzed the requirements of the GDPR and made enhancements to our services, products, documentation, and contracts in accordance with GDPR principles.

The links below are machine-readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and include negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.


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