Getting Buy-In From Managers


Learn how to secure managerial buy-in for AI safety technology by highlighting benefits such as time saved on incident paperwork, automation of safety compliance tasks, and potential financial savings that can be redirected towards enhancing workplace conditions and rewards.

One of the most important tasks for a Safety Champion is getting “buy-in” from managers, supervisors, and other senior employees. If senior members of the team make safety a priority, then junior members and new staff will “catch the vibe.”

Everybody hates paperwork. A great way to communicate with your senior team members about the value of Voxel is discussing the time trade-off of safety incidents. When an injury happens, a supervisor has to drop everything they’re doing and do an incident investigation. They have to take pictures, draw diagrams, and call a nurses’ hotline. They have to find witnesses, do interviews, write down narratives, and search for videos in the camera feed.

Consistent video coaching will help decrease safety incidents throughout the year. By taking a few minutes each day to implement proactive safety initiatives (like rewarding good safety behaviors, and coaching best practices with Voxel) managers and supervisors will save a lot of time on paperwork and other mundane safety compliance procedures in the long run. Voxel’s Dashboard also automates many safety compliance tasks, like video investigation and near-miss reporting, which makes things easier on your team when an incident does happen.

Safety incidents are expensive. The average cost for a workers compensation claim is more than $41,000. Reducing even a small number of these incidents can free up funds for initiatives that benefit employees directly. Let your supervisors and managers know that every dollar that returns to a worksite’s bottom-line can go toward site maintenance, better equipment, employee rewards, and “perks.” 

A great Safety Champion will find ways to take the money saved from reducing workplace injuries and spend it on initiatives to reward safe behavior. You’ll figure out the best safety rewards by talking to the senior members of team—they’ll know best what they need to succeed in their environment. 

Major 🔑s to Success:

  • Set the tone: if senior employees are committed to safety, then junior employees and new hires will get on board.

  • Everybody hates paperwork: remind your senior team members that Voxel automates many mundane safety compliance procedures. Creating a proactive safety culture will also reduce the total number of safety incidents that are wasting their time during the day.

  • Everybody loves swag: saving money on safety incidents frees up funds for initiatives that benefit employees directly, such as new equipment, rewards, and “perks.”