24/7 Forklift Near-Miss Detection

Revolutionize your PIT driver training and never miss a near-miss incident with AI-powered incident detection in your existing security cameras.
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The ultimate forklift safety platform

A superior alternative to vehicle telematics. Your camera system is a near-perfect near-miss reporter. Obtain total visibility into driver safety compliance, and prevent collisions between forklifts and people that cause life-altering injuries.

Customer Spotlight

Our partners are revolutionizing vehicle safety

Top Automotive Manufacturer Reduces Vehicle Incidents by 86%

Parts supplier for GM, Toyota, and Honda transformed their PIT driver safety protocols to nearly eliminate collisions and injuries, and radically increase PIT utilization efficiency.

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America’s Largest Craft Retailer Drops Vehicle Safety Incidents by 90%

America's largest arts and crafts retailer used Voxel video analytics to coach forklift drivers and nearly eliminated forklift-related workplace injuries in less than 90 days.

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Global Logistics Leader Drops Vehicle Safety Incidents By 82%

Logistics and manufacturing services provider for Kroger, Procter & Gamble, and L’Oreal achieved an over 80% drop in vehicle safety non-compliance events in less than five months

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Improve Driver Behaviors

Each time our AI flags an vehicle safety incident, it automatically generates an incident report. Share incident reports, trends, and videos with your PIT drivers to coach safe driving behavior and secure your team’s commitment to safety.

Prevent Catastrophe

Forklift collisions can cause life-altering injuries. Flag near-miss incidents and collect data on PIT-to-PIT and PIT-to-human proximity alerts to identify unknown hotspots in your workplace where your team is at risk, and send your workers home safe each day.

Improve Vehicle Utilization

Flag vehicle ‘downtime’ to identify when, where, and why your equipment isn’t being used, and achieve major improvements in productivity, housekeeping, and equipment maintenance costs.

Build a data-driven safety culture

Achieve zero injuries with the Voxel platform

Seamless Setup

Voxel connects to existing cameras, so no need to purchase additional hardware or coordinate complicated installations.

Compatible with most IP cameras
Optimize for low bandwidth
Ready-to-go Detection Rules

Proactive Collaboration

Capture critical events, coordinate with teammates, & alert the right people

Team and role-based management
Real-time alerts
Shifts & schedules

Powerful Analytics

Quickly uncover unforeseen trends and identify the most impactful corrective actions

24/7 safety reporting
Easy-to-use trends and charts
3rd party data integrations