Real-Time Ergonomics AI

24/7 REBA-based ergonomic analysis to identify and eliminate injury risks with AI-powered incident detection in your existing security cameras.
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Eliminate MSDs, RSIs, and Back Injuries

You can't be everywhere at once. Let your cameras do continuous ergonomic assessments for you. Track leading indicators of musculoskeletal injuries with AI built on research from Stanford's biomechanics lab. Identify hotspots and make intelligent process adjustments to eliminate ergonomic injuries.

Customer Spotlight

Our partners are revolutionizing ergonomic safety

#1 Largest Lumber Supplier Drops Ergonomics Incidents By 80%

Lumber & building materials distribution center decreased risky bending incidents by 85% and overreaching incidents by 80% with data-driven safety reforms.

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America’s Largest Arts & Crafts Retailer Uncovers Hidden Ergonomic Risks

America's largest arts and crafts retailer used Voxel's data to identify hidden ergonomic risks, leading to major adjustment in their work process and 70% reduction in injuries.

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World’s Largest REIT Eliminates MSDs in Cold Storage Warehouses

The largest publicly-traded REIT uses Voxel to identify and eliminate ergonomic risks in their temperature-controlled warehouses, achieving 70% reduction in injuries.

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Identify Hotspots

When Voxel flags an ergonomic incident, it automatically generates an incident report, helping you obtain unprecedented insight into the root cause of injuries. Comprehensive data on ergonomic incidents tells you where, when, and why injuries are taking place—before they happen.

Revolutionize Training

Each day, Voxel generates a complete video archive of high-risk ergonomic incidents throughout your worksite. Use this data to optimize your training process and coach your team on best practices. Swift response allows safety professionals to intervene immediately by modifying the workspace, adjusting work processes, or offering targeted training.

What is REBA?

Hignett and McAtamney’s REBA tool reliably assesses workers’ biomechanical and postural load to produce a comprehensive score, evaluating multiple factors like posture, force exerted, load handling, and repetition. The score reflects task-associated risk, essential for spotting activities that may cause musculoskeletal disorders.

Build a data-driven safety culture

Achieve zero injuries with the Voxel platform

Seamless Setup

Voxel connects to existing cameras, so no need to purchase additional hardware or coordinate complicated installations.

Compatible with most IP cameras
Optimize for low bandwidth
Ready-to-go Detection Rules

Proactive Collaboration

Capture critical events, coordinate with teammates, & alert the right people

Team and role-based management
Real-time alerts
Shifts & schedules

Powerful Analytics

Quickly uncover trends & identify corrective actions to improve all of your operations

24/7 safety reporting
Easy-to-use trends and charts
3rd party data integrations