Real-Time Hazard Alert System

Real-time alerts for liquid spills, blocked exits and aisles, and other hazards with AI-powered incident detection in your existing security cameras.
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Detect hazards to prevent accidents

Detect environmental hazards and machine safety risks before they cause serious accidents. Manage high-risk regions of your worksite and turn your cameras into an accident early-warning system for slip-and-fall injuries, crushing injuries, and more.

Customer Spotlight

Our partners are revolutionizing site management

Top Automotive Manufacturer Prevents Slip-and-Fall Risks

Parts supplier for GM, Toyota, and Honda flags “no pedestrian zone” on high-risk metal rollers to prevent slip-and-fall injuries, and in aisles to prevent PIT-to-person collisions.

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World’s Largest Paint & Coating Manufacturer Prevents Crushing Injuries

Global paint and coating supplier for major manufacturing companies uses Voxel as a machine guard to prevent crushing injuries around heavy hanging loads.

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World’s Largest REIT Eliminates MSDs in Cold Storage Warehouses

One of the largest refrigerated logistics networks uses Voxel to identify and eliminate ergonomic risks in their temperature-controlled warehouses, achieving 70% reduction in injuries.

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Alert Blocked Exits & Aisles

Receive a mobile app notification within 30 seconds of an obstruction that blocks an exit or an aisle, so your team can speedily remove hazards.

Machine Hazard Protection

Utilize “no pedestrian zone” alerts to monitor areas with elevated risk of machine crushing, slips-and-falls, vehicle collisions, engulfment and other hazards.

Pedestrian Safety

Protect pedestrians from catastrophic collisions with forklifts in high-traffic areas by utilizing "pedestrian zone" data and videos in toolbox talks and safety training.

Build a data-driven safety culture

Achieve zero injuries with the Voxel platform

Seamless Setup

Voxel connects to existing cameras, so no need to purchase additional hardware or coordinate complicated installations.

Compatible with most IP cameras
Optimize for low bandwidth
Ready-to-go Detection Rules

Proactive Collaboration

Capture critical events, coordinate with teammates, & alert the right people

Team and role-based management
Real-time alerts
Shifts & schedules

Powerful Analytics

Quickly uncover trends & identify corrective actions to improve all of your operations

24/7 safety reporting
Easy-to-use trends and charts
3rd party data integrations