EHS vs Site Intelligence - The Tools of Modern EHS Management

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June 10, 2024

What's the difference between Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management systems and site intelligence platforms? When should you use each, and how do EHS management and site intelligence complement each other?

Things are moving fast in the workplace safety space. New tools, tech, and metrics are revolutionizing how safety leaders can do their jobs. All this advanced technology is great for comprehensive and proactive risk management, but it can also be confusing. There are now both Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) management systems and site intelligence platforms. But what’s the difference? What do they do, why are they essential, and how do they work together? That’s why we’re here today.

EHS Management: The New Tools of the Trade

  1. EHS Management Tools and Software
  2. What is a Site Intelligence Platform?
  3. The Power of Using Both EHS Management and Site Intelligence

EHS Management Tools and Software

EHS management is the cornerstone of workplace safety. It includes a wide range of practices and tools designed to manage and mitigate risks related to environmental, health, and safety concerns. Software for EHS management helps safety leaders and organizations identify, track, manage, and report on incidents after they occur. Here are some of the areas in which this software is indispensable:

  • Incident Reporting: EHS management tools are vital for reporting incidents, such as accidents and violations. They provide a systematic approach to documenting what happened, when it happened, and who was involved.
  • Data Analysis: After incidents are reported, EHS software helps analyze data to identify patterns and root causes. This analysis is crucial for developing strategies to prevent future incidents.
  • Compliance Tracking: Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is a significant aspect of EHS management. EHS tools help organizations track and manage compliance activities, ensuring they meet legal obligations and avoid penalties.

What is a Site Intelligence Platform?

While EHS management is reactive, addressing incidents after they occur, a site intelligence platform like Voxel is proactive. It focuses on identifying and mitigating risks before they result in accidents. Here are a few examples of how site intelligence platforms can help safety leaders.

  • Risk Identification: Voxel's site intelligence platform monitors the workplace in real-time, identifying potential hazards and risky behaviors. For instance, it can detect near-misses, unsafe driving behaviors, and non-compliance with safety protocols.
  • Proactive Measures: By continuously assessing risks, Voxel enables organizations to take preventive actions. This proactive approach helps in mitigating hazards before they escalate into incidents.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Unlike EHS systems, which primarily analyze incidents after they occur, site intelligence platforms provide real-time monitoring and alerts. This allows for immediate intervention, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

The National Safety Council recently conducted a study and concluded that AI powered site intelligence platforms “prevent injuries and save lives.”

Consider this possible scenario in a warehouse or distribution center: a forklift collides with another vehicle. While an EHS system would record this incident after it happens, a site intelligence platform would have already identified and measured the risks surrounding forklift activity. All this data would serve to help safety leaders take proactive measures before the incident could occur, stopping it from happening in the first place.

The Power of Using Both EHS Management and Site Intelligence

These systems are at their strongest when used together. EHS management systems and site intelligence platforms compliment each other, and create a comprehensive workplace safety strategy. How? Let us count the ways:

  • Comprehensive Safety: While site intelligence platforms work to prevent incidents, EHS systems ensure that any incidents that do occur are investigated and reported. And site intelligence platforms (we’ll say it again, like Voxel) also help with the thoroughness of that reporting, especially in the category of “near misses.” EHS systems are great for managing incidents that happen, but they rely on self-reporting when it comes to near misses. Even companies with a strong near miss reporting culture fail to capture a lot of critical information. Site intelligence platforms fill in those gaps by giving clear and immediate visibility to those near misses. And more visibility means better coaching and risk mitigation.
  • Efficient Resource Use: Integrating these tools does not require extra staff or resources. Both systems make safety professionals, supervisors, and leadership teams more efficient and effective in cultivating a strong safety culture.
  • Continuous Improvement: By leveraging the proactive risk identification of site intelligence platforms and the thorough incident analysis of EHS systems, organizations can continuously improve their safety practices and reduce workplace injuries.

In conclusion, the key to effective EHS management lies in the combined use of reactive and proactive tools. EHS management systems ensure that incidents are reported, analyzed, and used to improve compliance and safety protocols. Meanwhile, site intelligence platforms like Voxel focus on preventing incidents by identifying risks in real-time. Together, they form a robust safety management framework that protects workers and enhances overall workplace safety. The future of workplace safety is here, and it's smarter than ever.

How Voxel Can Help

Voxel’s intelligence platform connects directly to your existing security cameras and then uses computer vision and AI to give you more visibility and insight into the safety of every site, every day. You’ll have the data you need to take impactful, preventative action that keeps employees safe and strengthens your safety culture.

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