Voxel Site Report Updates Mean Clearer, More Efficient Reporting

Head of Product at Voxel, Brandon Loyd

Brandon Loyd

May 22, 2024

We launched three exciting updates for our Voxel Site Reports. Camera and date filters, chart markers, and performance updates are here to help you communicate with your team more efficiently and effectively.

When safety managers and leaders need data to effectively communicate the impact of their programs, gathering it can be challenging. Data is often scattered, time-consuming to consolidate, and needs to be displayed in various sharing formats. Thanks to the valuable insights and feedback from our customers, we've made a few updates to Voxel Site Reports to make it easier to share  wins, raise concerns, and provide data-driven insights to your team and leadership. Keep communication flowing seamlessly across all levels of your organization, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed.

What’s new in Voxel Site Reports:

  • Camera and Date Filters
  • Chart Markers
  • Performance Updates

Camera and Date Filters

What's new

You can now refine your Site Reports with two new filter options. First, you can filter data by camera to understand the risky events in specific areas in your warehouse or facility. Second, you can customize your reports by choosing the date ranges that best fit your communication needs.

Voxel Site Report Filters

What it does

These new features give you greater control and precision in analyzing safety data. By filtering insights by camera, you can pinpoint specific areas within your facility that may need attention, allowing for targeted prevention strategies. Customizable date ranges enable you to track safety trends over time, making it easier to identify patterns and address issues promptly. This streamlined data analysis helps you focus on actionable insights, leading to a safer and more efficient workplace.

When to use

Are incidents higher in one area in your facility than another? Use the camera filter to isolate and analyze risky events and identify underlying issues. Do you have different safety policies across various sites and need to gauge their effectiveness? Customize your reports by date range to evaluate the impact over specific periods. With these new filtering options, you can generate detailed, comparative reports without sifting through extraneous data, making it easier to customize to your needs and to share actionable insights with your team.

Chart Markers

What's new

Chart markers are annotations you can add to any chart in any report. They help you indicate the start date of a new preventive measure or corrective action your team has implemented to address a safety risk. For example, did you install a stop sign to prevent ‘no stops’? Or did you start a new training program on ergonomic best practices? Mark it in the chart to track progress!


What it does

Chart markers allow you to clearly track and visualize the impact of your proactive safety programs over time. They help you quickly communicate the differences before and after a pivotal change, clearly illustrating cause and effect.

When to use

Let’s look at a couple scenarios. Say you fought hard to get buy-in for robowrappers to minimize ergonomic risks, and want to communicate the value of that purchase with your stakeholders to get more robowrappers for other facilities. With chart markers, you can directly mark when you started using robowrappers and then see the risk reduction trends after that moment. Use that chart from the Voxel dashboard to share this win to your boss and team. 

Conversely, let’s say you implemented a new training program, and you marked in the chart the start of that training program. You look at the trends, and safety risks haven’t decreased. Use this as a learning opportunity to investigate why there isn’t improvement. Then, you can then explore something new that will drive better results. Continuous learning FTW!

Performance Updates

What's new

In a word, speed. Site Reports now generate 70% faster.

What it does

No more waiting around for reports to generate - you can rapidly access and act on the insights that matter most. But if you need an excuse to stretch your legs and get a cup of coffee, we won’t think anything of it.

When to use

Let’s say you are preparing several safety recaps and reports for different stakeholders – one for the COO about the effects of those new robowrappers, one for the site supervisors to celebrate the drop in incidents after your last training session on ergonomics. You’re busy! Now, you can get site reports with various types and levels of safety insights in lightning-fast speed so you can knock out the rest of your to-do list.


We're always making improvements to our site intelligence platform to help vital businesses protect their people and communicate the impact of their safety programs. Learn more about Voxel here or reach out to our team of safety experts to learn more.