Real-time risk identification, powered by computer vision

Voxel enables your security cameras to automatically identify hazards and high-risk activities in real-time, keeping employees safe and driving operational efficiencies.

Voxel provides full site visibility

We add AI intelligence to security cameras to protect your employees, customers, and property. Providing you with real-time visibility into risks across your operation.

Safety Monitoring

PPE • Hard Hat • Safety Vest & Harness Footwear • Glasses • Blocked Exits & Aisles

Injury & Accident Prevention

Spills • Ergonomics & Proper Lifting • Forklift Safety • Load/Unload Procedures

Workplace Visibility

Workforce Productivity • Cycle Times Smart Video Search • Location Mapping

Risk exposures targeted by Voxel

Workers Compensation

In high-risk industries targeted by Voxel, an average of 10% of a company’s payroll is paid into WC costs.

General Liability

Slips, trips, and falls are the major driver of premises and operations GL claims. Voxel can reduce this risk exposure significantly.


Voxel continously monitors the environment to reduce fire and CAT risk by ensuring appropriate safety measures.

Connects to your existing security cameras
and starts catching issues immediately

Proactive System Alerts

Customizable alerts to help prevent injuries & catch concerns as they happen

Risk Scoring & Analytics

Understand trends and review activity reports to improve safety ratings

Easy Installation w/ Built-in Security

Our hardware connects directly to your existing NVR box, keeping your data secure and onsite

Our Clients and Partners

We are proud to work with great partners towards a world with zero injuries.

Voxel allows us to stay on top of our risks like never before, delivering significant safety and productivity improvements, while driving down our injury rate.

Rudy Bowling


Keeping your business safe

We partner with companies to improve the quality and safety of their workplaces. Our team brings deep expertise in AI, safety engineering, and risk management, with experience from top companies like Google, Uber and Microsoft.


Warehousers used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, and wholesalers use Voxel to detect falling objects, poor lifting, and hazards.


Retailers and grocers use Voxel to avoid high workers comp and general liability costs primarily from slip and falls in stores.


Voxel works with manufacturers to catch common incidents involve slip and falls, lack of PPE, and unforeseen hazards.


Voxel works with trucking companies to ensure ensure proper lifting and correct points of contact are used during loading and unloading.


Voxel works with distribution centers to prevent forklift accident, slip & falls, and ensure safety protocols are followed.

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas has one of the highest workers comp costs. Voxel ensures employees follow safety protocols to avoid injury.

Voxel enables your security cameras to automatically identify potential workplace hazards, high-risk activities, and operational inefficiencies, allowing on-site personnel to address concerns in real-time.

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