Detect process failures and mitigate machine hazards

Streamline your operations and improve workplace safety from a single platform


Enhance security

Avoid security breaches through proactive alerts for designated no pedestrian zones


Reduce downtime

Be alerted to machine outages right away, reducing downtime and increasing productivity


Prevent interruptions

Receive alerts when inventory levels are low, ensuring your manufacturing lines are running smoothly


Access real-time analytics

View insights into your safety record, track trends over time, and maximize your ROI in dollars saved with preventable citations and injuries


Block unsafe exposure

Avoid the harmful effects of exposure to chemical fumes and loud machinery by ensuring worker PPE compliance


Reduce injury rates

Stay on top of worker safety and reduce worker’s compensation payouts through proactive alerting for common causes of injury

Proven ROI

Early adopters have realized 2,000% returns in 1 year
Read about the ROI of Safety


Injury frequency

Video intelligence produces superior training and compliance that stops injuries before they happen.


Lost work days

Improve retention and significantly reduce lost production time by keeping your team happy and injury-free.


Operational efficiency

Manage key processes and identify bottlenecks to improve the efficiency of your operations.

An integrated platform for safety

Train your team effectively with smart, data-driven resources

Smart Alerts

Dynamically-ranked alerts based on severity and frequency of incidents to help you effectively manage your safety and operations.

Customizable Rules Engine

Voxel is configured to your site’s unique operational and safety procedures, enabling you to define zones and incident types.

Collaborative Case Tools

Save hours of redundant communication by utilizing our robust collaboration tools, like video annotations and case assignment.

Risk Scoring & Analytics

Use our AI-informed analytics to identify compliance trends across your sites and uncover hotspots that require attention.

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