Case Study

“Voxel allows us to stay on top of our risks like never before, delivering significant safety and productivity improvements, while driving down our injury rate.”

Transforming Temperature-Controlled Warehouses: Reducing Operational Costs and Risks

Americold Logistics

Americold Logistics is the leading cold storage provider in the temperature-controlled supply chain industry. The company's 200+ cold storage warehouses support and connect producers, retailers, food service providers, and consumers throughout the world. To identify risks, hazards, and inefficiencies at hundreds of warehouses, they looked to Voxel’s video intelligence platform to improve site performance.

The challenge

Americold was experiencing an above-average total recordable injury rate resulting in a direct annual loss of over $1,000,000 per year across many of their sites. Financial losses were exacerbated as the company incurred increased annual insurance costs and lost countless hours of employee productivity. Like many teams, they used their security cameras to review footage after issues occurred, and coach employees to improve behaviors. This led to an endless cycle where management was reacting to injuries and inefficiencies. They lacked the tools and visibility to take a proactive approach to site management.

With Voxel’s Site Visibility Platform, Americold Achieved...

A 77% reduction in overall injuries resulting in direct annual savings of $1.1 million (initial site)

A 70-95% improvement in desired behaviors that were monitored (PIT speeding, piggybacking, perimeter detection, proper lifting, open doors, protective equipment, blocked aisles, and doors)

Operational and energy savings from monitoring doors to reduce cooling costs, unreported damages, and ensuring the security of the facility from unauthorized access

Increased visibility for the management team to identify and correct unwanted behaviors

Improved safety culture as more employees became aware of safety policies and standards

Why Voxel?

Voxel’s software enhanced Americold’s existing security cameras with artificial intelligence and computer vision allowing them to proactively identify powered vehicle safety incidents, ergonomics issues, spills, missing PPE, blocked exits/aisles, as well as  productivity and efficiency issues.

These observations allowed Americold to move from the traditional, reactive approach to loss control to a proactive, real-time approach. Voxel helped transition a site management methodology from manual monitoring to proactive management. The platform provides management and onsite teams with real-time feedback by identifying hazards and high-risk activities before an accident or injury occurs.

Safety Monitoring

Hard Hat - Safety Vest - Safety Harness - Safety Footwear & Glasses - Smoking & Cell Phone Use

Injury & Accident Prevention

Forklift Safety - Ergonomics & Lifting - Spills - Blocked Exits & Aisles - Perimeter Protection

Operational Visibility

Asset Utilization - Equipment Failure - Theft - Workforce Productivity - Smart Video Search

Voxel Empowers EHS & Operations Teams

“Voxel allows us to stay on top of our risks like never before, delivering significant safety and productivity improvements, while driving down our injury rate.”

The Voxel platform captures high-risk behaviors and triages them for review by the safety and management team. Video clips are then shared from the safety team to the associates, where they were able to provide feedback and discuss cases directly in the Voxel application.

This enabled teams to have productive, data-driven conversations on areas of improvement and take direct action in real-time. Voxel not only impacted the overall safety and operations of the site but also improved the culture of the workplace.

The ability to identify key video clips for review allowed associates to further engage with their leader and drive conversations that ultimately improved the workplace and created a new process for ensuring safe behavior.

From Reactive to Proactive

The average cost of an injury is $42,000 per incident, not including costs associated with business interruption, loss of productivity, and reputational damage. It is critical to embrace a proactive safety approach to limit accidents and injuries.

Voxel allows us to stay on top of our risks like never before, delivering significant safety and productivity improvements, while driving down our injury rate and costs.

Rudy Bowling

Executive at Americold

Add the Power of Voxel to Your Operation

Voxel enables your team to make smarter, faster decisions with AI-powered video by capturing real-time insights and analytics on trends and activities across your worksites. Allowing you significantly reduce injuries, improve workforce productivity and realize operational savings.

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